July has been very good to us, with much international recognition coming in the form of the country's first ever Wine Spectator Award of Excellence going to Jetwing Lighthouse, and two PATA awards - Grand and Gold, for Jetwing Yala’s sustainability and The Front Desk itself respectively!

More to come, of course... we will soon unveil two properties, which we are quite excited about. Do keep in touch, and tell us about your Jetwing experiences on our social media channels!

Hiran Cooray

Chairman - Jetwing

Congratulations to the Cardamom Café at Jetwing Lighthouse, known as the gateway to the south of Sri Lanka, receives the country’s first ever Wine Spectator Award of Excellence. This award only given to restaurants that feature outstanding selections of wine, appropriate to the restaurant’s cuisine and which appeal to a wide range of wine lovers.

Jetwing has once again being honoured with the prestigious PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association) Grand Award in the Environment category for the entry titled 'The Success of Self-Reliance' - a thorough and comprehensive entry focusing on the sustainability initiatives undertaken at Jetwing Yala, and a PATA Gold Award (Promotional E-Newsletter) in the Marketing category for 'The Front Desk'. 

With five new hotels to open and three more to be expanded In September 2015, the company will launch two new properties, including the 55-room Jetwing Jffna in the northern city of Jaffna, and the 25-room Jetwing Kaduruketha, in the south-central town of Wellawaya. In August 2016, another three Jetwing hotels are scheduled to launch.

First Ever Wine Spectator Award of Excellence

The character of the Jetwing Lighthouse hotel is evident in every aspect, and even more so through the many culinary experiences at the Cinnamon Room, Nihal’s and the recently lauded Cardamom Café which became the first restaurant in Sri Lanka to be recognized by the most influential source of wine in the world - Wine Spectator (Where can i buy dutasteride online)

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Elevating Sri Lanka: Jetwing Hotels wins PATA Grand and PATA Gold Awards

This occasion marks the third consecutive year Jetwing has won a Grand Award; and also the only Sri Lankan company to win awards this year. The PATA Gold Awards put the spotlight on tourism innovation and excellence. This year’s awards attracted 269 entries from 83 organizations and individuals worldwide, the highest numbers since 2007.

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Jetwing Outlines Sri Lankan Expansion Plans

In August 2016, another three Jetwing hotels are scheduled to launch. Jetwing Colombo Seven will be an upscale hotel in the Sri Lankan capital featuring 70 rooms, 30 serviced apartments, while the Jetwing Lake in Dambulla, will offer 94 rooms and Jetwing Arugam Bay, on the country’s east coast, with 20 villas and a swimming pool. In total, Jetwing now has 27 hotels across Sri Lanka.

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Located in the peaceful environs of Wellawaya, approximately 4 hours from Colombo is the latest in Jetwing's eco-luxury offering - Jetwing Kaduruketha. This unique resort is homage to the farming traditions of Sri Lanka. With 25 villas, Jetwing Kaduruketha is a rustic getaway into a land blessed by Mother Nature, as each villa is kept private thanks to a natural forest. The property is set to open in September 2015.


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